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Ronan is a powerful black Labrador that competes in flyball. His mom wanted a tug toy without a ball but with enough action to keep Ronan engaged. We wrap 25cm (10”) of  22mm (7/8") thick pile, 100% vegetable tanned sheep shearling around 25mm (1”) soft-touch tubular nylon climbing webbing that's fastened to a 17cm (7”) rabbit "tail" (from farm raised rabbits in Spain). Our GRIP ULTRA bungee inserted in the webbing has three times the resistance than standard bungee giving you the maximum shock absorption and saves your shoulder and back when working with powerful tuggers. Measures 63cm (25”); stretches to 81cm (32”). Large 18cm (7") handle. Cold water wash, hang to dry.

Ronan’s Tug

Handle Colour
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