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Jo-Bee the Beardie likes food but isn't toy motivated. "This is the only thing she retrieves because it has food in it," says her mom Sharon. This treat bag combines a fake fur treat bag for food and a Chuckit® Fetch ball. It's ideal for teaching a dog to retrieve or to teach recalls. The ball gives the added weight needed to toss the bag 7.6m or further. Toss the treat bag, have your dog retrieve it and when your dog returns open the pouch and reward with food. The Pouch measures 15cm x 9cm and has a waterproof liner and rounded corners so food doesn't collect and makes cleaning easy. After each use, just rinse the inner liner with dish detergent and water and let air dry overnight. Or machine wash, cold water and hang to dry. Velcro pull-open top allows quick access to treats. The bungee grip is super strong with three times the resistance of a regular bungee handle!

Jo-Bee Toss and Treat

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