A rabbit version of our popular fake fur Tug Trainer is the perfect toy to teach tug to dogs that are not tug motivated or to teach a dog to tug harder. It has all-natural rabbit fur on one side, reinforced mesh on the other and a waterproof liner in between. No dyes just natural bunny hide. Fill the pouch with semi-soft treats such as cheese chunks, hot dogs or chicken. The harder the dog "bites" the pouch, the more food squeezes through the mesh and the more the dog is reinforced. A Velcro pull-open top gives quick access to treats. Soft-touch 25mm tubular nylon climbing webbing with a 18cm handle is stitched to the fur side. Measures 20cm by 7cm. Length: 61cm; stretches to 84cm. Light-duty bungee. Finished side seams (no exposed seams) makes it easy to keep clean: after each use, clean with dishwashing detergent and rinse with water. Or machine wash, cold water; hang to dry. Not recommended for tough tuggers or large dogs.

Bunny Tug Trainer