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Canine Ed goes to ANKC Agility Nationals

ANKC National Agility Championships Our Mount Murray on Thursday Crew have had an awesome time at ANKC Nationals in Melbourne. I'm so proud of you all, your work with your beautiful dogs has been so great to see, congratulations.

The runs we got to see from Competitors across Australia and team New Zealand are just sensational. One of the challenges of Agility is that what ends up as a result doesn't always reflect just how awesome the run was, there were so many inspirational teams running and it was a wonderful week of watching top class Agility.

Thank you to Michelle Tunbridge for all your amazing coaching and support!

Michelle Tunbridge 1st SPD with Quinn (and Rachael Fullerton and Zari) across all heights! 5th SPD Kiwi (and Jessica Mellon and Flame) Other results yet to be confirmed!

Sue Swaney Bonnie got a Quallie in Novice Snooker, 6th out of 154 dogs Bonnie also has some more results I need to confirm!

Jane Brown Max came 14th out of a sqizzillion dogs in AD - with the fastest time. Such a cool result in the 500 ring which is teaming with amazing dogs.

Lisa Wright Clooney 1st ADX400(1) Q Clooney 1st ADX400(3) Q Clooney with Peyton in SPDX Q (no idea what place! There are a bazillion teams!) Clooney Reserve National Champion ADX400 Scout 4th JD300(1) Q Scout 3rd AD300(1) Q Scout 3rd JD300(3) Q

Denise Iglesias (we are claiming you!) Finney got a JDM Q and the last Q he needed for his SDM title. Ash Q’d on a tough JDM course.

Jaime Jackson Franky JD400(3) Q

It was a tough week weather wise and the organisers have done a stellar job, thanks to Eukanuba, Kong, Greencross Vets and all the other sponsors, it was a blast.

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