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Time is TBD


Canine Education Australia

Bex Tasker - Positively Together - Postponed Pending Travel Permissions

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom - Viktor Frankl

Bex Tasker - Positively Together - Postponed Pending Travel Permissions
Bex Tasker - Positively Together - Postponed Pending Travel Permissions

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Canine Education Australia, 1783 Tourist Rd, Mount Murray NSW 2577, Australia

About the event

Bex originally trained as a vet nurse in her early twenties before going on to work with Guide Dogs and then Customs drug detector dogs. Having clicker trained all sorts of animals, from dogs and horses to cats, rats and pigs, however, over the last decade Bex has focused primarily on horses. To listen to a recent podcast of Bex discussing her life and training visit HERE

Bex has extensive experience in teaching adults from government departments and large corporates, as well as from delivering countless lessons, clinics and coaching sessions to dog and horse owners.  She is experienced with teaching children through running the RDA "Own your own pony" holiday program, and I'm particularly passionate about working with teenagers to help them apply a critical mind to the endless advice that is out there. 

Ultimately, Bex Tasker am white hot passionate about positive reinforcement training for all animals, but most especially for horses, and I absolutely love sharing my passion. To read more visit her website Positively Together

From Bex: "My favourite thing in the world is to see the light come back into the eyes of a horse that has lived its life constantly being told 'no'.  A horse that has never really been given any convincing reason to do anything for its various human 'partners', other than pressure (or perhaps pain). And those horses are everywhere: from the competition arena to pony club to the paddock down the road to clinics of every possible description.  Again and again I see their personalities start to emerge with the epiphany of being encouraged to experiment and be creative, and to voluntarily participate in what is happening to them.  I see them start to sparkle. 

The excitement of students new to R+ when they realise just how much their horses are enjoying the whole learning process and how quickly they're progressing with the added clarity and motivation of clicker training is just as inspiring for me."

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